My 2012 Pizza Data

Here are my pizza stats from Jan 2, 2012 to Jan 1, 2013. I’ve been keeping track using an app called Daytum, which lets you track, share and organize data. I used the program to limit my slice intake by giving myself a shocking visual of how much pizza I consume. I established a guideline of 15 slices per week and Daytum helped me keep stay generally within that limit. Why 15? Well, 16 slices would be a whole 2 pies but 15 is “Less than two whole pizzas.” It just makes me feel like less of an animal. 

From the information I collected, it looks like I visited 144 different pizzerias throughout the year. The pizzerias I ate at most often were Lombardi’s, John’s of Bleecker and Keste. That makes sense because I hit those three quite a bit on tours. I visited pizzerias beginning with every single letter of the alphabet except for Q and X. My total for the year was at least (see notes below) 714 slices, so about 2 slices per day. That’s well within my 15 slice weekly limit! The popular statistic for pizza consumption in the US puts it at around 50 slices per person annually. Wimps.

But counting slices is a bit more complicated than you might think…

Q: What about tiny baby slices?
A: Smaller slices (ie ¼ of a 12" pizza) are counted as half slices. That means I can eat an entire Neapolitan pizza and it only counts as 2 slices on my tracker.

Q: What about gigantic slices?
A: I count anything larger than a standard one-eighth-of-a-sixteen-inch-pie as a single slice.

Q: That doesn’t seem fair, does it?
A: You’re right, it isn’t fair. But am I to count a pizza as a different number of slices in the tracker just because they decide to cut it into four instead of eight? No way, Jose. Maybe I should count it by bites? Sounds like a pain in the rump.

Q: Any glitches with the program?
A: Yup. For some reason, Daytum keeps deleting records of my homemade pizza. I have an Item (pizzeria) called HOME and it keeps disappearing every time I enter it. Last night I ate about three homemade slices, which I would normally have counted as a single slice on the tracker but the record keeps deleting itself. Also, I went into my final day of tracking with 719 slices, thinking the one slice I ate at night would round it out to an even 720, but s


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