More Birthday Presents!

Looks like I spoke too soon with my birthday present summary. Even though I had already received so many amazing pizza-related gifts, there were still a couple trinkets out there that had yet to join my collection. The first came to me on the night of Canned Tomato Tasting Part II (results coming later this week) from Mark and Jenny of Pizza a Casa. How did they know I wanted scratch-and-sniff pizza stickers!?!?!?!

They smell JUST like oregano! But on the more practical side of the birthday range, Mark and Jenny also gave me the new Aquatronic bakers’ scale I’ve had my eye on. This one is more accurate than my current model, so look out for more deliciously accurate pies from my oven!

The final gift of my 2010 birthday season comes from my roommate Pat. He thought about giving me something that wasn’t pizza-themed but this item was just impossible for him to ignore. I proudly present to you, the USS Enterprise Pizza Slicer:

I know, it’s a dream come true. If you think this photo is classy, do yourself a favor and check out the video of the slicer in action! It’s unreal. I can’t believe the amazingness of it all, thanks to all my friends and family who truly know the meaning of pizza.


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