Michael Berman Strikes Again


Text messages from Michael Berman, of PizzaCentric, go something like this:

“I tried adding soy flour. Is that crAzy?”
“It’s 80% HG, 20% 00, fermented in fridge 10.5 hours.”
“Making pizza this afternoon. Want to come try it?”

It’s usual a mix of technical mumbo jumbo regarding his latest pizza dough experiment followed by an invitation. Lately Michael’s been really into pizza al taglio, pizza by the cut, and I get to enjoy the fruits of his labors. 


Michael spread some tomato on his dough and et it proof near the radiator for about 20 minutes. He par baked the shell until it started to brown, then added cheese and toppings for the final bake. The result was phenomenal, although it lacked the hight and crumb he’s been looking for. I thought it was awesome, but I can’t say I’ll complain if he feels the need to invited me to more test sessions!



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