Meet Stanley, Patsy’s Fan since 1949

Yesterday’s NYC Pizza Bus tour group had the pleasure of meeting Stanley Ederheimer at the original Patsy’s Pizzeria in East Harlem. Since the late 1940s, Stanley has been visiting Patsy’s for their incredible thin crust pizza. His son Josh told us he grew up thinking pizza wasn’t available anywhere besides Patsy’s because Stanley would take the kids on monthly trips to East Harlem just to get a cheese pizza. Josh didn’t even realize he could get pizza in his own neighborhood because he only at it at Patsy’s. 

About a year ago, Stanley’s health hit a road bump. His son told him that just as soon as he was on the mend, the two would ride up from Maryland to visit Patsy’s Pizzeria yet again. Yesterday was that day and our group had the great privilege of meeting them. 

Stanley told us his memories of the pizzeria from decades ago. It was absolutely incredible. He says the pizza hasn’t changed a bit. That’s something you don’t hear very often these days. Josh emailed me that his son will be moving to NYC, living about a mile from Patsy’s. Truly amazing. 

So great meeting a longtime Patsy’s Pizzeria fan on our tour yesterday!


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