Joshua Weissman Tried NYC’s Best Pizza

Joshua Weissman is a chef, bestselling author, YouTube creator, and now he’s a pizza nerd. I spent two days with him shooting a video about America’s best pizza and it’s finally out! Josh usually does cooking tutorials but recently he’s been using his channel to showcase other people’s food by highlighting restaurants and culinary scenes.

In his pizza video, Josh went to the top three cities requested by his viewers, which were Chicago, Detroit, and New York. If you’re mad he left out New Haven or Old Forge you can save your anger for his viewers since they picked the cities. Josh tried a slice of pepperoni pizza in each city and chose his favorite. SPOILER COMING >>> he chose New York City!!! That meant he spent two full days visiting pizzerias around the boroughs with a local expert. That expert…. was ME!

While I understood why Josh tried a pepperoni pizza in each city, I encouraged him to stick to cheese pizza in NYC. Part of why our pizza scene is so good is that we don’t rely on topping for flavor. That’s why all of our public NYC pizza tours feature only cheese pizza, no toppings. And so Josh, his producer Vicram, production assistant Audrey, and I jumped into his customized Papa’s Pizza Shuttle and hit some of my favorite pizzerias in town.

Check out the video to see where we went and who Josh picked for his top spot. He’s a tough critic, so brace yourself!


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