John’s of Bleecker Street Now Accepting Credit Cards

THIS IS A BIG DEAL. For decades, actually closer to a century, NYC’s OG pizzerias have been notorious for only accepting cash. In a truly historic move, John’s of Bleecker Street installed a point of sale system and started accepting payment by credit card sometime last week. I had my first encounter with the new system on Monday and it was like the first time you see your father without a mustache when you’re a kid. You know in your heart it’s the same thing, but something just feels completely wrong about the situation. 

The move is part of an overhaul of the business as John’s of Bleecker tries to secure legal separation from the other John’s Pizzeria locations around the city. They also brought in a new Manager and have some new policies that will help keep things in order during the legal process, which has already been in the works for years. More on that when there’s something to say, but for now just be aware you can get your John’s fix even if you’re out of cash. 


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