It’s National Pizza Day and Nobody Knows Why!

I’m so conflicted about today. On one hand, I never miss an excuse to celebrate pizza. On the other, I have no idea why/how/when TODAY (February 9) somehow earned the designation. We need some context here! 

I first heard about National Pizza day a couple years ago when a TV news outlet called on me to be in a segment honoring the greatest food on earth. Talking about pizza is literally my job, so I had no reason to decline. But they couldn’t tell me how, when, or why it’s a thing. 

Then in 2016 I got another call about doing a pizza segment, this time for the Dr Oz show, and they ALSO couldn’t give me any clues. Totally weird. 

And now we’re here again, in 2017 with a National Pizza Day celebration that’s growing even bigger, yet NO real reason behind it. Today I’ll be on WOR radio bright and early around 9am, talking about the best pizza in NYC with Todd Schnitt and Len Berman, then heading over to the Tasting Table office to do a Facebook Live video with them around noon. I’ll be showing off some slick moves for home pizza making. 

Follow the action on Twitter and Instagram Stories for all the action on this most confusing day of celebration. 


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