How To Order Pizza for Super Bowl Sunday

football pizza box by Joe Lacek

Super Bowl LVIII is coming up this Sunday and if you’re not ready it’s going to be a total dining disaster. Known to be one of the busiest pizza delivery days of the year, Super Bowl Sunday is just as much about snacking as it is about sporting. You’ve invited everyone over, the beer is cold, the chips are crisp, but it’s not a complete experience unless the pizza is ready to go. Here’s a list of pro tips for getting the most out of your Super Bowl viewing experience.

1. Order Early

Don’t make the mistake of calling your order in 10 minutes before kickoff. You’ll be lucky if the pizza gets to you at all. Call in your order as early as possible, even the day before, if you want to be sure your pizza will arrive in time for the game. This may sounds crazy, but if you really want to avoid all risks you can order the pizza the day before the game. Just ask the pizzeria not to cut the pies so you can slide them directly onto the oven rack and reheat each pie as you need it. Take the hot pies out of the oven and slice as needed for the freshest delivery pizza possible.

2. Take Advantage of Specials

You’re not just ordering pizza, you need wings and loaded tater tots, and maybe even a salad to make it seem like you’re making an attempt at balance in your life. Pizzerias usually offer special packages for big days like this so take advantage of them! Sticking to special packages is a good way to make sure your order will arrive correctly, unlike complicated piecemeal orders that can easily get botched.

pizza salads and wings

3. Order Online

Pizzerias are SUPER BUSY on Super Bowl Sunday, so don’t even try calling. Stick with online ordering because it doesn’t depend on someone hearing you correctly on the other end of the phone. Maybe you said “pepperoni pizza with no sauce” but if they hear “pepper and onion pizza with extra sauce” that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Online ordering through websites like Slice give you a paper trail complete with timestamp. You can be assured the pizzeria will get the right order at the right time.

4. Order Extra

Once the word gets out you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, people will come crawling out of the woodwork to partake. Never underestimate, or you’ll have hungry zombies looking for scraps of crusts in your stack of pizza boxes. Make sure you have a good mix of meat, veggies, and plain cheese pizzas to keep everyone happy.

5. Make Your Own

With the proliferation of home pizza making equipment these past few years, Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time to bust out the skills you learned in one of our online pizza making classes. Maybe you’re not a big sports fan and you’re only there for the snacks — like me. Why not set up the Ooni pizza oven or Baking Steel and cater the event yourself? Pros include not having to wait for the delivery driver, not having to get sloppy pizza made in a rush, and not having to watch a boring football game. Cons include prepping a few days in advance and cleaning up afterwards. But it’s all worth the effort!

home pizza making


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