Holiday Cheer via Pizza Boxes

Here are some of my favorite festive pizza boxes. I have all of these in my archive, which remains the world’s largest collection of pizza boxes. Yup, it’s a Guinness World Record! Some of these are customized for their respective pizzerias, others are generic. I love them all. I even wrote a book about my favorite pizza boxes. Enjoy!

Santa Delivering Pizza Stock Box (USA)
Here’s a great one from Roma Foods. You can see their logo on the pizza boxes within the image. I love the idea that one year Santa decided to deliver everybody pizza. What a dream!


Da Vinci Pizza (Bensonhurst, Brooklyn)
I dig this custom box that shows up at Da Vinci this time of year. It take a lot of guts to do a different box just during the holidays. If you order too many you’re stuck with them in January. But people probably won’t notice because red, white, and green are on all their boxes anyway. 


Holly’s (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Another amazing custom pizza box – and this one’s printed photo quality (pre printed liner rather than spot printed cardboard like the one from Da Vinci’s). It’s super shiny and gold. Truly worthy of the holiday spirit!


Townies Pizzeria (Fernandina Beach, FL)
Some funky things going on here, like a one-eyed slice that looks super burnt and a dolphin the slice seems to be riding. Some washboarding going on in the background, too. Still, much respect for the custom holiday season box!


Seasons Greetings Stock Box (USA)
I love the design on this. Very cool snowflakes in red, white, and green. I also love the tag line “We Appreciate Your Good Taste.” The words in the center circle leave something to be desired, but ‘tis the season to let things like that go because all that really matters is the fact that there’s a pizza inside. 


Season’s Greetings Stock Box (USA)
This is one of my absolute favorites. It won a German printing award in the late 1990s. It’s so beautiful ad stylized. Just really sweet. I might frame this box for my apartment. 


Happy Holidays Stock Box (USA)
This snowman is handing you a pizza! So great. And I love the Bob Ross pine tree in the background. Not sure why the bows are where they are. Probably just random. Oh well, it’s still fun!


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