Hold the Gluten: Everybody Eats

I’ve been gearing up for next weekend’s Gluten Free Pizza Tour with some educational excursions throughout NYC. A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit a 100% gluten-free bakery right down the street from my apartment in Brooklyn. I spent some quality time with Predro Arroba and Bruce Bassman of Everybody Eats.

The company began about seven years ago when Arroba’s deep desire for bread became too much to ignore. Pedro has Celiac, an autoimmune condition that doesn’t tolerate proteins found in wheat, rye and barley. Quite unfortunate for a bread lover, the lack of these proteins has provided extreme challenges to the fundamentals of bread making. Gluten provides the elastic web responsible for capturing fermentation gases, so gluten-free bakers must find suitable replacements to hold their dough together. Pedro and Bruce seem to have figured it out, because their breads look like the real deal!

Everybody Eats has been making gluten-free pizza since the company launched so I had to stop by for a slice…

I was amazed at their simplistic approach, with minimal low moisture mozzarella and a lightly-seasoned crushed tomato. These guys know when to hold back and I thank them for it! If you’re gluten-free, look for Everybody Eats’ products in your local natural foods store. And if you can’t find it, demand it!


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