Grill Your Pizza

The best Neapolitan and New York pizzerias make great pies because their ovens are hot! When we teach online pizza making classes, we always point out that you want to highest temperature possible. Your backyard grill really delivers the goods, with the ability to reach 600-700°F. That’s about the same range as some of the best pizzerias in New York City!

Making pizza on the grill is CRAZY SIMPLE. You don’t even need a pizza steel or stone, just some confidence. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be grilling pizza in no time!

STEP 1: CRANK the heat on your grill and get it as hot as possible!
STEP 2: Stretch your dough as you normally would, but use oil instead of flour.
STEP 3: Place the oiled and stretched dough directly on the grill WITHOUT THE TOPPINGS.
STEP 4: Close the lid for about 60-90 seconds.
STEP 5: Open the lid and flip the dough as soon as you see it bubble. You should see char lines after you flip the dough.
STEP 6: Lower the heat to medium and place your toppings on the dough as quickly as possible. (bonus points if you can set up your grill with a hot zone and a lower temp zone.)
STEP 7: Close the lid and let the toppings melt. Remove the pizza when it’s baked to your liking.
STEP 8: Add basil, parm, and olive oil. Then ENJOY!

What’s great about this method of grilling pizza is that you don’t take over the real estate of you grill with a pizza stone, so you can cook anything you want before and after pizza time. It’s fun to make pizzas at the end of a grilling session because you can use leftover scraps as toppings. Let your creative juices flow!


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