Two-Zone Grilled Pizza

I made this pizza on the grill over the weekend using the two-zone method. It just means you only supply heat to half your grill so you can move the pie from direct to indirect heat as you please. The results were pretty good but you really have to keep your eye on the pie. You begin by cooking JUST the dough directly over the heat source. Once it’s nice and bubbly, flip the dough and apply your toppings. By the time you’re done, the second side of the dough should be in good shape and you can slide the pie off the heat and close the lid so the toppings melt from indirect heat.

Coals are in the rear of the grill so I can control how much heat is getting to my pie.

Just be sure to precook veggies and meats because there won’t be enough heat to do the job without a little pre-grill attention. I usually put my sauce on top of my cheese in the home oven, but the cheese melts better when it’s on top in a grill situation.

This pie is over the unheated side of the grill, melting the cheese with heat bouncing off the lid (when it’s not open for a photo).


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