Great Pizza Hidden in the Lobby

This is Arcade Bakery in NYC’s TriBeCa Neighborhood. It’s located in the lobby of 220 Church Street, an office building you’ve walked past thousands of times if you live or work in the area. The name isn’t just a cutesy name for a pizzeria, it’s a real deal bakery. They do killer breads and pastries, but pizza seems to be the big draw. 

I tried two pies: the Margherita (gotto kick the tires) and a special white pizza with eggplant and ricotta (pictured above). Both were outstanding. Since this is a bakery, there’s heavy emphasis on the crust. It had that great combination of outer crunch and inner chew that gets me amped up.

Just be aware that since this place is located in an office building lobby their hours are unusual. They’re only open 8a-4p on weekdays and closed on weekends. Things get pretty crazy around lunchtime, so plan your visit accordingly.


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