Grandma’s Pizza Party with Tutte Al Forno


This is Grandma. She kicks ass. Grandma’s 93 and she’s pretty into pizza. Born in Brooklyn, now she’s out in California just east of the Bay. When I told her I was heading to her neck of the woods to judge a pizza competition, the first thing she said was, “Oh great, you can stop by my living community and give us a pizza history lecture!” Can’t argue with grandma, so I set up an afternoon talk about pizza’s origin. Even better than that, I enlisted my friend Brett and his mobile catering company Tutte Al Forno (literally everything from the oven) to assist. 


Brett bought the existing Tutte Al Forno less than a year ago but he’s already making big moves with the business. This oven can hitch directly to the back of his truck and ride along to its destination. He can either wait to heat it up on site, or can even preheat it before hitting the road. It’s just a big wood-fired oven on wheels. This unit is made from Valoriani guts imported by Mugnaini in Healdsburg, California. 


We must have had at least 50 people in attendance for the pizza party and everybody had a blast!


Brett even wrote up a special menu for the event, featuring two standard pies and two specialties. Pretty rad!


After the event, we hung out for about an hour talking about pizza making and possible tweaks to Brett’s product. I’m excited to check out Tutte Al Forno again next time I’m in the area!

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