Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Pizza Lover

Last week was my birthday, and as we learned from last year’s posts my friends and family have no trouble shopping for gifts. You would think that each passing year presents a greater challenge, but my nearest and dearest are apparently the most creative and Internet-savvy folks on the planet. Check out this year’s crop of amazing pizza-related birthday presents.


Okay, these things are no joke. They are the kind of plate your pizza arrives on at a classy Neapolitan pizzeria. Just think of how exciting it will be for my pizza party guests to reveal the fun artwork with every slice they remove from their dish. But who’s that creepy guy on there? That’s Pulcinella, the comedic figure often associated with Naples. You’ll see him all over the walls of Neapolitan pizzerias. Punch in Minneapolis is named after him!

But wait, there’s more. This incredible gift, given to me by The Godfather and UR, was wrapped in the most incredible handmade paper imaginable. If I had any class I would frame it and mount it on the wall. I love the sparse application of cheese on these lovely sponged pizzas.


I enjoy making pizza but there’s always something missing from the process – until now! Not only is this a sweet Flying V shape, but it also has three grating sizes and a slicing section. Brilliant! My pal Robyn really knows what I’m into. Not to mention, you can really shred on this thing!


I was about to put the kabash on new pizza t-shirts until this beauty entered my life. My pal and fellow NYC tour guide Andrea (Lower East Side History Project) scored this one from Think Geek, the source for all things amazing. It reminds you how to find the volume of a pizza, so please buy this for your favorite math teacher. Best part is the shirt is red so pizza sauce stains really blend in.



This is a hand-printed limited-edition uniquely-numbered mini pizzeria laser-cut into a single sheet of glorious birch. The piece was designed by artist Jesse LeDoux and printed by Head Light Hotel. According to the sign on the side of the “building,” Famous Lou’s opened in 1925, making it one of the oldest pizzerias in the United States! It’s also one of the cutest. Find out how to purchase your own franchise of my little pizzeria via Tiny Showcase.


I don’t know why, but I feel slightly ashamed of this one. Obviously I have never tried to hide how deeply this pizza obsession has penetrated my existence, but the phone cover seems a bit too far. Still, it’s a pretty awesome case and I like the fact that you can’t see the pizza when I’m holding the phone. It makes for a fun reveal. It’s also pretty cool that I never have to look very hard when I can’t locate my phone!


How can you open any present without checking out the card? The one on the left is especially funny because it’s a hologram. Holograms usually show some kind of movement or changes as you move the card, but this one does absolutely nothing. Isn’t that amazing!

Thanks so everyone who gave me these wonderful birthday presents. The bar has been upped once again.


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