Pizza Crackers from France

Oh France, what had you done now? My homeslice Katie brought these back from me from a recent trip abroad and I’m sort of perplexed. We have all sorts of pizza-flavored chips and snacks in the United States, but it takes the French to put a bunch of tiny pizzas in a bag? I’m ashamed.Katie said they even had several competing brands, one of which was called “Minizza.” Well done, France.

They actually aren’t too bad. Just remember, it’s a cracker with some dried tomato paste and oregano on top. This is not a bag of actual pizzas. If this was normal size, I’d say it looks like a damn good pie!

Here’s what it looks like under the hood. Standard cracker, with seven dock holes to prevent any uneven rise from the dough. I experimented with putting the underside on my tongue and the topping on my tongue. Neither was very good but the former was slightly better.

I know it’s nonsense, but I had to see what this would look like sliced up.

VERDICT: adorable


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