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I first met Felicia at Pizza Expo about seven or eight years ago. We were both waiting patiently for our Expo passes at the press table. At the time, I was judging some culinary competitions but not legitimate enough a part of the event to get a pass in advance. Felicia, slightly more legitimate than I, had arranged for a press pass in advance. We were a rare breed since just about every other attendee either owned a pizzeria or had direct contact with the pizza industry. Felicia and I were in a tiny category of pizza fans in attendance, and so we quickly bonded. She has remained one of my closest compadres in the world of pizza adoration. This is her story.

When and how did you start blogging about pizza?
I had just graduated college in 2010 and started my first job in Chicago. I was looking for something to keep me occupied as I waited for work to get busy, and was talking to my dad on the phone one night. He mentioned I should write about pizza since I talk about it all the time! So I took him up on his idea and started my first post in August 2010! I am not consistently blogging anymore, but still posting my adventures on social media (Facebook.com/pizzaloverchicago Instagram @SLICEofFELICIA)

If you couldn’t eat pizza (not necessarily bread or cheese or tomato, just PIZZA as a unit), what food would you be obsessed with?
Well, that would make me quite sad because it’s a part of who I am !! But, Bagels… a good jewish deli… bagel and shmear… bagel and lox… all the goodness!

You’re from Chicago, but currently live in Bermuda. How has that effected your pizza eating life?
Moving to Bermuda made me focus more on pizza at home. There are some great options for pizza here, but on a 20 sq mile island, I had to be more creative. I’ve been making pizza from scratch in my home oven since 2015, and experimented with different dough techniques, pizza steel, no knead cast iron pizza, etc.

What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled for pizza? 
Argentina (farthest South!) or Italy (Europe!)

What’s your biggest pizza pet peeve?
Too many toppings… come on guys… keep it simple. Also, it’s important to have a good ratio of cheese to sauce so that one doesn’t completely overpower the other.  

Would you ever jump from pizza journalism to pizzeria ownership?
I think about it all the time … and have friends who are pizzeria owners. It’s hard work! I’m also quite risk averse, so being in the food industry scares me a bit, but it does help me respect those business owners out there who simultaneously manage labour, supply, repairs & maintenance, and manage to churn out great pies for needy customers! Ask me again in 5 years 😉


*This post is part of a month-long series featuring women in the pizza industry in honor of Women’s History Month!


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