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Tours encourage pizza lovers to taste outside the box!


NEW YORK — It’s considered a New York City staple to take a tour of a, well, New York City staple.

Go on a Scott’s Pizza Tour, and you’ll get more than just some of New York’s finest. You’ll get a lesson in history, science and food culture, proving there’s more to it than just crust, sauce and cheese.

Amy Rothberger is a tour guide with Scott’s Pizza Tours. She knows how Grandma pizza got its name, that mozzarella can’t bake for too long without burning and that biting into a slice of pizza warmer than 170 degrees will burn your mouth.

“It’s a very fun job,” Rothberger said. “I really love people, I really love pizza, I really love New York City.”

Scott Wiener founded Scott’s Pizza Tours 13 years ago. It’s safe to say his world revolves around pizza.

“It’s no exaggeration to say, if I’m awake, there’s something with pizza going on in my life,” Wiener said.

As for how much pizza he eats? He said about six days a week — and has a 15-slice-per-week cap. His collection of pizza collectibles is impressive. It includes countless hats, books and everything in between.

“I actually have some of the old tables from Famous Original Ray’s,” Wiener said. “I’ve had people send me things like pizza Lego kits, pizza Ninja Turtle play sets, a Monopoly board. Somebody sent me a pizza bicycle seat.”



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