Celebrity Sighting in LA Pizzeria

I’m at the tail end of my 2-week Pizza-cation and there’s probably more tomato sauce running through my blood than ever before. The last few days have seen me bouncing around LA and I finally had my first celebrity sighting TODAY! I am not one to freak out over movie stars, so you know this one’s big. Today I ran into the one and only Nick DeMarinis! You may know him from his outstanding performance as Pizzeria Assistant during the opening credits of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze. Here he is in a blurry screen shot of the movie and also with me at his REAL pizzeria: Nicky D’s Wood Fired Pizza.

I ran into Nicky D’s while checking out a few pizzerias with LA Pizza Blog. The owner caught me taking a picture of his restaurant so we started talking. He told us how many people love his pizza and how many movie stars order from him but the tale got really interesting when he dropped the TMNT bomb on us. I was so excited I jumped up and demanded to take a photo with Nicky D.

Check out the opening credits to TMNTII: SOTO for an amazing homage to New York pizza. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll notice that the pizzeria is Ray’s on 6th Ave and 11th St in Greenwich Village, conveniently changed to “Roy’s” for the movie. OK fine, I’ll help:

Stay tuned for more tales from Pizza-cation 2010!


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