Calling All International Pizza Box Enthusiasts

I’m collecting international pizza boxes for an upcoming event and I need YOUR help. If you live anywhere outside the US you can score some free SPT stuff just by sending me a pizza box that best represents your city/country. I’d love to get pizza boxes with all sorts of different languages or imagery, just like these pieces from my personal collection:


Here’s how to participate: 
1. Find the most interesting or distinctive box that best represents your city/country
2. Email a photo or description of the box to scott[at]scottspizzatours[dot]com
3. I will send you directions for shipping
4. Include 5 boxes and 5 menus from the pizzeria (unused boxes are preferred)
5. Please send by May 1, 2010
I don’t care if the pizza is edible, as long as the box looks cool. We don’t want too many Dominos or Pizza Hut boxes but you can throw one in if you’re already sending a package. Thanks in advance, you WILL be rewarded!


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