Behind the Scenes: Slice Bucket Challenge

Step 1: Buy lots of cheap pizza from a crappy $1 slice joint in the Village. Chill the pizza so it congeals. 
(Step 1.5: Get the pizza home on the subway without anyone snatching it!)


Step 2:
Dump slices into a bucket.


Step 3:
Set up a camera so you can capture the beautiful moment. BONUS: Set up pizza boxes, including the empty pizza boxes from the crappy $1 pizza place. 


Step 4: Make a video of yourself dumping the pizza on your head. Classy.


Step 5: Salvage the slices since you cleverly used a plastic tablecloth to cover your gross apartment floor.


Step 6: Donate to or any organization you support. I also donated to City Harvest because they rescue wasted food (not from my floor!) and deliver grub to people who need it!

NOTE: I found a couple other folks who filled buckets with pizza. Both of them are better videos than mine so definitely check them out!

It’s Ally Hills 
Santullo’s Eatery


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