Austin Pizza Tour


In May 2019 I did a pizza tour pop-up in Austin, TX in partnership with Austin Eats Food Tours. It was awesome. Here are some images from our trip to four different pizza styles all happening in Austin!!!


And of course the pizza nerds showed up in full force. Sammy and Molly came in from Dallas, where they own Greenville Ave Pizza Co. Sammy won young entrepreneur of the year at last year’s Pizza Expo in Las Vegas!


We kicked it off with Bufalina, which makes a straight-up Neapolitan pizza. This was an awesome pie and I absolutely loved the even bake on the edge. 


Brothers Brandon and Zane Hunt brought their hometown’s pizza to Austin with Via 313, the city’s premier Detroit Style shop! We had a great time getting a behind-the-scenes look at their ovens and how they bake such a light yet thick pizza. 


Dough trays are even more fun when you learn how to read the intricate labels here at Home Slice, Austin’s favorite NY style pizzeria. This was an awesome stop because we tried their thin crust AND their Sicilian. BOOM!


The pizza at 40 North is sort of a crossover between Neapolitan and American Artisan. They’re baking in a high-temp wood fired oven but getting some more bite out of it than a typical Neapolitan. It’s delicious!


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