7th Annual Hoboken Pizza Derby

Like all great events, this thing started as totally informal gathering of friends centered around pizza. I remember going a number of years ago when they ordered a coupe pies from a few different pizzerias in the town of Hoboken, NJ and everyone voted on their favorite. Things have evolved a bit and now the event is INTENSE!

Here’s the scoop from their website:
Waves of Pizzas are ordered simultaneously. Volunteer Pie Ambassadors order the pie, record the time, and then await the delivery. Arrival time is recorded. The Heat Troll administers the infra-red heat gun in order to gauge arrival temperature. As in previous years, everyone gets a scoring sheet which lists ALL the pies we are ordering.Score as many as you taste in categories of: consistency of crust, tastiness of sauce, freshness of toppings, and flavor of cheese. It’s a friendly competition, even when the delivery people bump into each other at the front gate!  

Proceeds from your suggested $25/ adult + $10/ kid donation will go 100% to two local charities. Pizza, Beer, wine, and kid’s drinks are included.Proceeds are shared between the Church’s capital renovation fund and the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse. Check back later for when nominations to the menu open up September 23. For more information or to get involved please contact Carter Craft at 917-709-3371.


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