now delivering online classes for pizza lovers

online Classes

5 days a week
Public and private group options available

Learn pizza history, take a virtual NYC pizza tour, or attend one of our online pizza making classes without leaving your home. Public options start at $10 per screen and private sessions start at just $299.

Per person

Private Pizza Tours

100% outdoors and covid-conscious

We're offering a limited number of private walking tours for groups of up to 8 people. Everyone gets a PPPE kit (the extra P is for "pizza") including a face mask, hand sanitizer, and our world famous Pocket Pizza Journal for your tasting notes.

starting at

Pizza Making Kits

shipping nationwide
great ingredients shipped right to you

Your pizza is only as good as your ingredients and we're shipping the best in our NEW pizza kits. Choose between raw ingredient kits or fresh prepped dough boxes. Gluten free options are available with every kit!

and up

Public Pizza Tours

6 Days a week
on hiatus during social distancing

Stroll the streets of New York where pizza is king. We’ll feed both your stomach and your mind with some of the city's best slices and the saucy details about how they're made.

Per person

we’re kinda famous

(so we're told)

Gayle King featured SPT on her page in Oprah Magazine in July 2019. WOW!

Scott takes Ryan Seacrest on a NYC pizza tour!

Scott has forgotten more about pizza than most people have ever known!

“Grimaldi’s vs. John’s”

Play Button Created with Sketch.

This THRILLIST series follows Scott and pizzaiolo Mark Iacono (Lucali) on their quest to figure out if strange toppings and constructions still qualify as “pizza.”

Leopard Spots


Round burnt bubbles on the top and edge of a pizza crust, often associated with Neapolitan pizza and other pizzas baked with extreme top heat.

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