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Scott WienerRequest a Private Tour With Scott

Scott’s love for pizza began in suburban New Jersey, where weekly pizza runs created a subliminal dietary requirement. Upon leaving familiar territory for college at Syracuse University, he began to realize the existence of cultural and regional pizza differences. Touring the country with rock bands exposed throughout those college years provided perfect opportunities for exposure to quintessential pizza locales like Chicago and New Haven. A friend noticed the travel trend and made Scott a customized pizza journal so he could keep track of every stop -several of which have been filled with notes and comments.

After returning to New Jersey, Scott maneuvered through several jobs. He worked as a costumed character at birthday parties, a production associate on TV shoots and fashion shows, vice president of a short-lived record label and even caretaker of a historic ferryboat). A steady job coordinating events for the City of Hoboken, New Jersey came to an end when it became clear that standard work just wasn’t going to cut it, and so began a six-month hiatus to figure out the next step.

Whenever possible, Scott gathered some friends for pizza day-trips. Four people in a car eating a slice at each stop until stomachs were full. The only problem was that Scott’s car wasn’t big enough to fit everyone who wanted to go, so he rented a bus for a massive birthday party and invited 26 friends and family members for a day of pizza adventuring. Six months later, he used that very model to launch Scotts Pizza Tours. Nearly nine years, 3,500 tours and over 46,000 tour guests later (as of December 2016), it was clearly the right thing to do.

Beyond running pizza tours, Scott also writes an award-winning column for Pizza Today Magazine, contributes to PMQ’s Pizza Magazine and PizzaMarketplace.com and judges pizza culinary competitions across the country. Scott’s pizza pontifications have been featured on the CBS Sunday Morning, The Dr Oz Show, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Viceland, New York Magazine and millions of other tasty media outlets. Scott’s tours have been featured as a top tour on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and several others. He is also the author of Viva La Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box, a book about his Guinness World Record collection of pizza boxes.

Scott runs every Sunday NYC Pizza Bus tour, most Private Tours and a revolving schedule of public walking tours.

Miriam WeiskindRequest a Private Tour With Miriam

Miriam was literally born into this world while her family consumed pizza, so it should be no surprise that she has achieved her destiny as a pizza tour guide. As three-time female champion of the NYC Pizza Run, she lives a life of impeccable balance as both an avid pizza enthusiast and competitive triathlete. Always looking for the next great slice, she keeps a log of her experiences on her pizza blog, The Za Report.

When not consuming pizza, Weiskind runs her own graphic design studio on Brooklyn. Although she loves the incredible variety and quality of pizza in NYC, her all-time favorite pizzeria is Adriatico’s in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Joe GarreffaRequest a Private Tour with Joe

At the age of ten Joe bought his first pizza dough ball at Silvio’s Italian Market in Detroit, Michigan and immediately proceeded to transform it into an incredible mess. In an effort to improve his skills, Joe began a long history of pizzeria employment at the tender age of 12 with a gig at Amico’s Pizzeria, right down the street from where he grew up. His tasks included cutting pepperoni, shredding mozzarella cheese and even making a few actual pizzas in the deck ovens for his family. He continued his pizza education with positions at Papa Romano’s Pizza, Domino√§√®_s Pizza, and a brief stint at Hungry Howie’s Pizza _ constantly absorbing the dos and don’ts of pizza engineering. Joe delved deep into Midwestern pizza culture with a move to Chicago, where he worked at the famed Lou Malnati’s.

A true pizza fiend, Joe tracks down the best pizza spots in every city he visits. Although he does not have a favorite, Joe fondly remembers the Friday afternoons his father would give him $5 to rent a movie and get two thick slices of Detroit Style pizza from Jets Pizza in Detroit. But as long as a pizza has been made with love, he’s in!

Alexis GuerrerosRequest a Private Tour with Alexis

Growing up in the remains of an old Italian neighborhood in New Jersey, pizza was what Alexis’s family ordered when his grandmother was too tired to cook. Later, when he started playing school sports, he would wait for the team bus directly in front of Frank’s Pizzeria. It was one of those places that had the formica benches and tables, a long counter, the fruit punch fountain machine, and a bunch of loitering guys with attitudes. A friend’s older brother would hook Alexis up with a slice to keep him company on the bus ride.

As a comedian who performs multiple times a night, pizza is still a very important part of life for Alexis.He enjoys many pizzas, but none as much as the one in front of him.

Joan GlacyRequest a Private Tour With Joan

The granddaughter of first-generation Italian-Americans, Joan has been training for Scott’s Pizza Tours her entire life. She grew up near Hartford’s south end, where amazing gas-fired pies from Franklin Giant Grinder and Vito’s were dinner staples. Behind the wheel of her brother’s ’72 Cougar, the road to pizza meccas such as Boston, Providence, New Haven, and New York suddenly became very short, and Joan’s pizza world exploded. Sally’s and Pepe’s coal-fired pizzas were revelations, and she learned about the essential ingredient of any authentic pizza: passion. Joan embraced Chicago’s multiple pizza styles during her 10 years there, affectionately referring to deep-dish pizza as “a pizza food.” After several trips to Italy to experience pizza in the Motherland, she is now happy to live and work where it all began in America: The Big Apple (a misnomer if ever there was one).

Mike AlbaneseRequest a Private Tour With Mike

Based in NYC but raised in Atlanta, Mike is a true renaissance man. You may have seen his face on national TV commercials or BET’s hit show “The Game,” or perhaps you’ve seen his excellent standup sets. Mike’s love for food his the unstoppable force that drives him on his quest for the perfect grub. He and fellow TEAM SPT member Alexis Guerreros post their so-called Fatventures via Facebook Live when they aren’t leading hungry tour groups to NYC’s best pizzerias.

Follow Mike on Twitter and learn more about him on his website before you meet him in person on a pizza tour!

Bus Driver PatrickSend a Lovely Note to Patrick

Patrick is a man of mystery. He knows the road and the road knows him. The “Cheese Bus” floats through NYC like a yacht sailing a ragatta. The wind whispers to him and he responds back, “Outstanding.”

Jared LanderRequest a Private Tour With Jared

Jared’s love for numbers and pizza should have been apparent as early as the age of 6 during his weekly visits to Pizza Perfect in Nashville where they let him work the cash register after his meal, under close supervision of course. Since then the combination has bordered on the obsessive, culminating in a statistics masters thesis about pizza which was featured on Slice and Midtown Lunch.

His passion for both pizza and data made him a natural fit for the Scott’s Pizza Tour team.

His normal jobs—if they can be called that—are running a data science consulting business, teaching statistics at Columbia University, promoting his new book about statistics and running a large meetup about statistics. Notice a theme?

Jared has been able to further combine data and pizza by holding monthly polls about the different pizzas he orders for the meetups. Ask him about the results on your next tour!

C.C. WebsterContact C.C. To Book Your Private Tour

C.C. is a behind-the-scenes pizza ambassador, helping connect all public and private pizza tours to the hungry, curious masses. Always a huge fan of anything with cheese, it was on the NYC Pizza Bus, with Scott, that she discovered the beauty and bounty of the New York pizza world, and has been seeking out slices to compare ever since. When not helping bring people to the pizza love, she is a writer, and is currently teaching Screenwriting at Gotham Writer’s. She is also the founder of the DRIVE-IN Film Festival. In its TENTH season, the festival’s mission is to bring independent films to small towns across America, while celebrating and bringing awareness to the dying art of the local Drive-in.

As for favorite slice? Does it have cheese? Then, it’s her favorite.

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